The Guys Senior Rockstar Experience

Your Style…Your Life. Preparing You For Your Once In A Lifetime (ROCKSTAR) Senior Portrait Experience

1. Choose your outfits wisely

The full outfits will be used for various indoor, outdoor, half-length, full-length and close up shots. We will choose the best backgrounds based on the clothing you choose to bring.  For the yearbook we recommend a jacket and tie. If a jacket and tie is not your thing, wear a dark long-sleeve dress shirt that is well ironed (wrinkles show). Many schools require a specific color background for the yearbook photo and bright colors normally will not match the background.

Style -  A variety of styles will greatly impact the different looks you will get from your photo shoot. We hear it everyday,“he is a casual person, so we just brought some plain shirts, he doesn’t really dress up,” but we offer unlimited outfits with the Extreme Senior Experience (but we recommend 4)!  Example, make one or two of these formal, and you still have two other outfits to be casual. If you play a sport, bring a jersey and a few props.

Colors - If you bring all the same colored outfits you are going to have less variety.

Consider your body type. You want your outfits to be fitted, but not tight. A small shirt will not photograph well and may make you look too thin. The reverse is also true, too big a shirt will produce excess material that will make you appear larger than you are.

2. Hair

Haircuts - Get your hair cut at least two weeks before your appointment.  You know your hair, give it time to fill in from that “just cut” look.

Facial Hair - Make sure if you don’t want any facial hair in your senior photos to shave before you come to the studio.

3. Time- Please be on time so that we get the most value of our time together !

The Extreme Senior Experience is up to 3 hours, The Model Experience is 2 hours, And The Basic Experience Is 60 minutes.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to be ready at your appointment time.

Please be on-time, change as quickly as possible.

 4. Yearbook

For the yearbook image we recommend a suit and tie. If a suit and tie doesn’t appeal to you, make sure its a dark shirt that is well ironed.

Yearbook image delivery to your school is included with the purchase of any photographs from your session.

Dark colors work best when choosing a tie or shirt for your Yearbook image. Some schools allow for full length and half length photo’s to be used in the yearbook. Because of the size of most images in the yearbook a close up works best.

I work with many different high schools in the tri-state.  Yearbook guidelines change each year. Please find out the specific requirements from your school, they usually send out a letter, please bring that letter with you.

5. Additional Tips

    If you play a fall sport, schedule your senior portraits early in the summer.  JayKnip Photography Studios LLC books two months in advance for its sessions and even though we can create a yearbook image quickly if needed, you should call by July to get all your images by the start of school.

   Don’t over do the tan, two weeks before your session you should minimize the amount of time you are out in the direct sun.