The Girls Senior Rockstar Experience

Your Style…Your Life. Preparing For Your Once In A Lifetime (ROCKSTAR) Senior Portrait Experience With A Video At The Bottom Of The Page!

1. Choose your outfits wisely

The full outfits will be used for various indoor, outdoor locations, half-length, full-length and close up shots. We will determine what backgrounds match your outfit best.  The yearbook top should be a darker, solid color, and not sleeveless. Off the shoulder is fine as long as straps are hidden. Most schools require a specific color background for the yearbook photo; bright colors normally will not match the background well.

Style. The more diversity in your outfit selection, the more variety you’ll see in your final images. Think about having one of your outfit selections reflect your eye color. Please, have at least 1 or 2 outfits with long sleeves…even in the middle of summer! Just because you do not dress formally for school does not mean you are a strictly casual dresser. With the Elite Session we offer Four full outfits, you may want to make two of these formal, and then you will still have two other outfits to be casual.

Colors. A variety of colors of clothes help us to choose unique backgrounds to go with your outfits. If you bring all the same color outfits, you’re going to have less variety.

Have a dress rehearsal. The night before your session, have a clothing run through in your own home with a parent or friend. Put your entire outfit together from undergarments, to leggings, to jewelry and accessories. Make sure to dress from head to toe!

Undergarments. During your at-home dress rehearsal, look at the outfits straight on, left side, right side and backwards in the mirror. This will alert you as to which undergarment you have or need to make the outfit complete. Straps are not supposed to be visible with formal outfits; with summer tops they may show because of the design of the shirt, but you should still choose a strap that minimizes the distraction.

Flatter your body type.  We have clothing clips that allow for pinching the excess material back so as to flatter you in a particular pose. It’s important to hide what you don’t like. Some clients will ask us to help hide their arms, feet, etc. Our advice to you is cover those areas with clothes. If you don’t like your arms- wear long sleeves.

What makes you look Slimmer?

Darker clothing, especially pants and keep the contrast to a minimum.

A little tan is great, but too tan makes faces look rounder and heavier.


Long sleeve clothing in soft forgiving fabrics.

Shoes with heels will lift and slim.

What makes your look heavier?

Putting something of light color on the part of the body you DON’T want emphasized.

Shirts that are very thin in material need to be worn slightly larger, or they will show every bump.

Short sleeves and sleeveless emphasize the upper arm and can make them look larger.

2. Make-Up

We are not responsible for negative reactions to make up. Be sure to know how your skin reacts to all products or procedures.

Face. Use both SPF-free moisturizer and foundation to prevent reflection and to enhance skin’s natural glow. Use a translucent powder to set. You should have no visible lines on the neck or toward the ears. If you see the line, the camera will pick it up.

Eyes. Well groomed eyebrows are a must, (waxed or plucked a few days before your session). Dark brown eyeliner is a natural alternative to heavy black eyeliner and compliments all light shimmery eye shadows. Enhance eyelashes with a BLACK, waterproof mascara. New mascara is a good idea. Clumps close-up are not attractive and are not part of the normal retouching process.

Lips. High gloss lips are not good for photography. With the proper lipstick or light gloss you can have very natural looking lips. Lips are best in red, berries, and browns. No frosty pink. High gloss causes a shine that overpowers your eyes in the image.

Cheeks. Don’t be afraid to have a little color on the apples of the cheekbones (petal pink). It will really brighten up the appearance of the face. We take care of blemishes!

3. Hair

For all sessions we highly recommend getting you’re hair professionally done the day of the session.

Haircuts. Get your hair cut at least two or three weeks before your appointment. You know your hair, give it time to fill in from that “just cut” look.

Style. Stick with one hair style. Hairstyles are such a personal preference. Make sure your hair is exactly the way you wish it to appear in the finished photographs. Pulling your hair up or back only takes a few minutes and is perfectly fine. Curling or straightening takes more than 10 minutes and that is time you should be spending in front of the camera. Only one hair style per session.

Bangs. Bangs hanging in your face will cause unflattering shadows. Use hairspray to hold them back.


Our studio Photographs up to 3 senior sessions a day so please be on-time.

The Extreme Senior is up to 3 hours, Model Experience is up to 2 hours, Basic is up to 60 minutes and Yearbook only is 30 minutes

Our doors open at 9am, if your appointment is at 9am please be dressed in your yearbook top, all other times please arrive 15 minutes early to be ready at your appointment time.

Please be on-time, change as quickly as possible and have your hair and makeup done before getting to the studio.

5. Yearbook

Please bring your own jewelry.

Yearbook image delivery to your school is included with the purchase of any photographs from your session.

The yearbook photo is the first portrait we take.

Dark colors work best when choosing a top for your Yearbook.

We work with students from many different high schools. Yearbook guidelines can change each year. Please find out the specific requirements from your school, (they usually send you a letter) please bring that letter with you. The final portrait of your choosing will be hand delivered to your school ON TIME.

6. Final Thoughts

Make sure to tell us anything you have in mind for your senior photographs. The more you tell us about your ideas and style, the more we can create images that reflect who you really are!

Special Note About Tan Lines. Tan lines will be reduced on off the shoulder images, however being burned may result in rescheduling your session. Don’t over do the tan, two weeks before your session you should minimize the amount of time you are out in the direct sun.